Sequence of Events for Renewing a Board

For an organization that has the resources to do all this!

  1. Check in with the Chair
    1. Review the current situation with the Board – do they agree?
    1. Discuss the future vision for the organization – can the Board support it (eg by raising funds, through advocacy)
  2. Option 1 – the Chair is excited to support the Vision
    1. Motivate existing members and see whose terms are scheduled to end (or who would prefer to step down)
  3. Option 2 – the Chair prefers to step aside

In both options:

  1. Identify the skills that the remaining members bring to the Board.
    1. Identify the skills and attributes that the Board will need
    1. Option 1 – the Chair starts a nomination process
    1. Option 2 – the ED starts the nomination process
  2. Nomination process involves identifying as many people as you can who have the attributes you are looking for. Set priorities.
  3. Meet with the people on the list, preferably in order of priority, see if they would be interested, available, willing to do the work. Can you answer their questions and concerns?